Software Development

M-Bytes Pty Ltd (formerly Memory Banks P/L) is an Australian company that has provided software and services since 1991. The M-Bytes group of companies now employs over 40 people with offices in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and India. The company specialises in providing comprehensive IT services and solutions in a range of target market sectors by concentrating on product excellence and customer support. We are proud of our professionalism, our technical knowledge, experience and dedication to service that separates M-Bytes from its competitors.

Left AlignM-Bytes has done development for wide range of companies, including Primed On Line, Becton Dickenson, Australian Dept. of Defence, Highland Waters, Premier Care Medical, Info-in, Care Ring (Crisis Line), Christian Schools Systems, Technication etc. Expansion will continue both in Australia and overseas with M-Bytes offices being opened in the UK, China and a joint venture with Primed On-Line in the USA.

M-Bytes Pty Ltd is a software house that prides itself on product excellence and customer support. M-Bytes solutions are designed to help businesses work effectively in the competitive environment of the third millenium.
Let us design a system for you that will give your business the competitive edge.

Educational Services

Right AlignThousands of Australian students have already used our Maths and Science programs at school and at home. Having help at home can mean the difference between success and failure. Our "Kinetic Education System" combines our award winning CD-ROMs with tutor support and an on-line study club.